What's Sanrays?

Welcome to Sanrays.com, website of coloring pages. We tried to make this site as a learning tool, huge resource of coloring sheets, as well as a printable black-white image resource that can be use as learning fun for kids.

Certainly, very much types and allotment of coloring picture category that are needed someday, but we can't show you everything. Here, we prioritize the printable coloring pages for kids such as drawings about animals, cartoons, disney, nature, holiday, educational and many best picture to color for all age of kids. We hope Sanrays can be a best friend for all family in the world.

Who's Sanrays Team?

Not just one person, but this site was built by a solid team. And introduce us:

Founder: Victor Luis
1. Amanda Herman, mail: amanda_herman[at]sanrays.com
2. Steven Christian, mail: christeven[at]sanrays.com
3. Christina Amel, mail: amel_christina[at]sanrays.com
4. Briana Simon, mail: simon_briana[at]sanrays.com
5. Richardo, mail: richardo[at]sanrays.com
6. Jo Stany, mail: stany_jo[at]sanrays.com

All resources on this site are free for personal use, and most of them can be used commercialy. Please contact the respective author for more detail if you want to use it for commercial purposes, because not all of resources here allowed for commercial. You must to know that we only distribute information about all our listing. The designs, products and names mentioned in this site are the property of their respective owners.

Best regards,
Victor Luis - Sanrays Founder